Next generation teaching – students building science games for learning

Some examples of the gameplay built by Dr Carl Pennypacker and his classes of K12 girls.

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Using virtual reality to recover from a cerebro-vascular accident

Innovative use of human to 3D avatar relationship to improve medical outcomes.

Computer games can take lessons to next level

Hats off to Thinking Worlds experts Learnit3d. Great write up of their work in the Time Educational Supplement:

Teachers might view the Xbox and online roleplay games as distractions from study, but new research suggests that a focus on games design could be just what pupils need

In just two years, the UK’s video games industry has dropped from third to sixth place in the global development rankings. And although the visual effects industry is still enjoying rapid growth, it is being forced to source talent from overseas because of skills shortages at home.

The fault lies in the shortcomings of an education system that does not understand the hi-tech industries’ needs, say the authors of Next Gen, a Government-commissioned report published in February.

Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope, key players in the computer games and film industry, say their report is “about re-directing existing resources to have the right mix of subjects to prepare our children for a digital world and its creative and commercial opportunities”.

Ian Livingstone co-founded Games Workshop, launched Dragons & Dungeons in Europe, and is a creative director of Eidos, which helped secure franchises in Europe for games Tomb Raider and Hitman. He is also chair of Skillset’s Games Skills Council.

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Client feedback on a games based learning application

Is this really an innovative serious game that will change an industry?

Interplay Energy, in partnership with RESNET, used innovative 3D gaming technology to transform complex combustion safety certification into an immersive training environment. Does it really have the power to change an industry like the case study says?

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iPad versus iPad2 speedtest on 3D large terrain

So two of our coders arrive at Caspian Central with shiny new iPad2′s. After much barracking from sceptical and frankly jealous fellow workers they decide to settle this with a speed test. They take a large and chunky VBS2 terrain, plus 8 high definition VBS2 animated characters and drop them into a scene. Publish using VBSworlds, and……

Wow, that is fast. Apple claim its about 9 times faster on graphics, and this looks pretty close to that. Very nice. I’d better join the queue.

The 3D Imperative – How and Why of Immersive Training

Here’s a slidedeck from a recent presentation we ran taking a look at the ‘how and why’ of immersive training.

Join Us For A State Of The Art Military Training Workshop

Caspian Learning have been invited to run a half-day workshop session at SMi’s Joint Forces Simulation & Training event. The workshop will highlight the growing need for more theatre responsive training solutions as well as give attendees the opportunity to experience the latest in theatre responsive training on handheld mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Chris Brannigan, Caspian Learning’s CTO will be heading the workshop.

If you’d like to attend the event or Caspian’s Training Workshop on the 24th, please send us an email to: lee.rushworth at

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Game-changing Military Simulation Technology

We’ve been at I/ITSEC for the last couple of years but this year, we’ve got something bigger and better than anything we’ve done in the past to show you. As some of you may have seen, we announced in May that we had formed a partnership with Bohemia Interactive Services the world’s foremost military serious games organisation and at I/ITSEC, you’ll get the chance to see the early fruits of some very hard labour. Be prepared for some brand new technology with some brand new applications that will transform the development of military simulations.

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Do You Know Anyone Who Still Needs to be Convinced of the Benefits of Serious Games?

Now’s your chance to help convince them with a free to attend webinar being ran by leading enterprise learning and research firm, Bersin & Associates. On wednesday November 10th, David Mallon, Principal Analyst at Bersin & Associates will be delivering a webinar session that anyone tentatively interested in immersive learning simulations or serious games for learning should attend.

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