Computer games can take lessons to next level

Hats off to Thinking Worlds experts Learnit3d. Great write up of their work in the Time Educational Supplement:

Teachers might view the Xbox and online roleplay games as distractions from study, but new research suggests that a focus on games design could be just what pupils need

In just two years, the UK’s video games industry has dropped from third to sixth place in the global development rankings. And although the visual effects industry is still enjoying rapid growth, it is being forced to source talent from overseas because of skills shortages at home.

The fault lies in the shortcomings of an education system that does not understand the hi-tech industries’ needs, say the authors of Next Gen, a Government-commissioned report published in February.

Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope, key players in the computer games and film industry, say their report is “about re-directing existing resources to have the right mix of subjects to prepare our children for a digital world and its creative and commercial opportunities”.

Ian Livingstone co-founded Games Workshop, launched Dragons & Dungeons in Europe, and is a creative director of Eidos, which helped secure franchises in Europe for games Tomb Raider and Hitman. He is also chair of Skillset’s Games Skills Council.

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  1. Hi!

    I’m a teacher and a gamer, and I’d love to be able to bring gaming and suchlike into the classroom in a productive and useful way!


  2. chris says:

    Hi Roy, watch out for our release of Thinking Worlds 3.5 on June 27th. Aswell as being able to publish on to the iPad and iPhone there will also be a free version with alot of educational content built in.

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